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Soke - Seiko Suzuki (Grandmaster)

Soke Seiko Suzuiki
Soke Seiko Suzuki

Sensei Seiko Suzuki was born in Chiba-Ken, Japan, in 1936.

In 1954 he started his training in Shito-Ryu Karate under Sensei Ryusho Sakagami who himself studied under Sensei Mabuni Kenwa, founder of the Shito-ryu style. Sensei Suzuki would go on to run the Tokyo dojo where he trained, when Sensei Sakagami relocated from Tokyo to Yokohama.

In 1965 Sensei Sakagami presented Sensei Suzuki with the title of Shihan and in 1980 the title of Hanshi in Itosu-Kai. Subsequently in 1992, Sensei Suzuki was also awarded by the Japan Karate Rengo-Kai an 8th Dan Hanshi certificate.

After Sensei Sakagami’s passing in 1993, Sensei Suzuki decided to form his own organization, the Suzuki-Ha Shito-Ryu Nihon Karate-do Seiko-Kai.

Sensei Suzuki also trained in Kobudo under Master Shinken Taira who at the time was considered by most in Japan as being the most accomplished in the art of Okinawan weapons. In 1968 Sensei Taira awarded Sensei Suzuki 7th Dan Kyoshi in Kobudo.

Following Sensei Sakagami’s passing in 1993, Sensei Suzuki opened the Suzuki-ha Shito-Ryu Nihon Karate-do Seiko-Kai dojo in Shin-Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan where he still teaches to this day.

Sensei Suzuki accompanied by senior Seiko-Kai instructors from Japan and Australia, visited New Zealand in 2016 offering continued support to Oceania affiliates and to teach karate to our members.

About Us

Kev sensei in Japan
Shihan Kevin Merriman (center left)

Seiko-Kai Karate is a non-profit, family oriented karate club. We provide a safe means of learning with a strong network of support.

We help the individual discover themselves through our expert, professional instruction.

Our defined system of instruction presents clear objectives, aids in self-development, and allows each student to express themselves individually.

We are a community-minded club and commit to local and international charity events each year by promoting our skills in demonstration events.

The Kaiapoi dojo's lead instructor, Shihan Kevin Merriman, trains directly under Seiko Suzuki Sensei’s (the founder of the Seiko-kai style) guidance and also receives first class direction from Seiko Suzuki Sensei’s lifelong students - Ryuichi Takahashi (Japan), Kaz Hashimoto (Canada) & Fujio Takano (Japan). 

The New Zealand dojo, located in Kaiapoi North Canterbury, therefore has deep roots to traditional karate, a strong lineage, and a kinship with Japan.

Our guiding principles

Dojo Kun in Japanese

Be moderate and courteous (Courtesy)

Be righteous and have a strong sense of justice (Honesty)

Be modest in your words and actions (Modesty)

Respect others (Respect)

Karate-do is a lifetime study (Effort)

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