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Kata practice

Students and Parents Commitment

Due to the complex nature of Karate, we ask that our students train twice a week minimum.

Students whose parents stay involved in Karate have better attendance and behaviour, get better grades, demonstrate better social skills and adapt better to school. Parents are encouraged to help out at Club events. Such participation is important as it helps promotes the traditional and social values that are being lost through social media and today’s technical age.

However, parental involvement should not be over-involved, rather should look to support the Instructors by providing continued active encouragement and responding positively through the different stages of development of the student during their personal Karate journey.

Karate is very rewarding, but also can be very repetitive. It requires hard work, discipline and a strong commitment from participants.

Our Commitment

Our instructors will provide a professional education and martial arts experience to a high standard.
We recognise the importance of trust and honesty and we are committed to delivering excellence in tuition. 

Kihon practice
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