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CWKA Canterbury Champs - 18th June 2023

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The competition is at the West Melton community centre.

Competition entries are open for registration, this needs to be completed by Friday 9th June lunchtime. To register please contact Jo Sensei with:

  • weight

  • height

  • date-of-birth

  • belt kyu

Competitors can choose to compete in Kumite and Kata, or just one or the other.

Competitors must have both a blue and red belt available to compete in.

Kumite competitors must also have:

  • WKF approved Blue & Red shin mits & gloves (if purchased from dojo it will be WKF approved)

  • Mouth guard

  • WKF approved Body guard (if purchased from dojo it will be WKF approved)

  • Head guard (optional)

Remember to bring water and snacks, competitions can be long days especially for the little ones. There are some nearby supermarkets and petrol stations where refreshments can be purchased on the day.

More data will be available on the Sport Data website as we get closer to the competition date. See the page here.

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